Your prints

Your own prints mounted in a Hard Backed Folio

One of the greatest thrills in photography is seeing your images as prints, that's what the end result should be, not on screen, photography in the past was always a three way process

The digital era changes that somewhat as you can view your work on any number of viewing devices, so it can be a two-way process.


"the print is real and has substance that can be viewed in an instance without the need of any electronic devices"

It may be that you do not print your own work or are dissatisfied with commercial lab results, well now you have a great chance to see your OWN work printed on Fine Art matt paper to a level that you thought was not possible.

I print to a high standard using the latest RIP processor that gives superb detail and contrast on the most difficult of papers to print on MATT fine art paper such as Canson Infinity RAG. Matt papers produce prints that are truly FINE ART in there feel and non reflective surface.

The prints in this HBF are split toned to give an added artistic feel and timeless look.

Every print is coated with protective spray to give extra surface protection to the papers delicate surface.

On each page the prints are further protected by acid free interleaves (not shown on video)

Pages can be removed from the HBF for matting and framing.

To order the folio follow the steps below

1/ Select 10 of your own files you want me to print.

2/ Click the link below to go to the digital-monochrome shop, look for the thumbnail called Your Prints and add to cart.

3/ Click the link to go to the upload page, the upload page will tell you how to save and send the files to me.

4/ Go to checkout and buy the Your Prints folio.

Thats it, the orders and files are sent to me, I will then print, mount and make up your personal Hard Backed Folio to order.

Your Folio is posted free and is packaged in a purpose made despatch box for safe delivery.

The small video example below shows and format and layout of the FOLIO, obviously it will be your prints included within the Folio.

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