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Online workshop

Over the last few years I have carried out many one to one workshops that have helped put black and white enthusiasts on the right track and taken the mystery out of digital conversion from colour.

However, I do realise that distance especially for overseas people and those that have to travel far in the UK can be a problem and also expensive with travel costs and accommodation.

The internet is so versatile these days that distance is not a problem any more, sharing pictures and info on forums is easy, instant messaging is virtually instantaneous.

It occurred to me that sharing that type of info interactively over the internet would help with doing online workshops in a way that is interactive and intuitive, with that in mind I am now able to offer those that want to learn the finer points of black and white editing the chance to work with me as they would do on actual visited workshops.

This is how it works.
One of the biggest drawbacks when trying to teach over the net is not being able to see what the other person is doing and the difficulty in communication, the way to overcome this is screen sharing.

Using software such as Skype makes online workshops possible, it's easy to use and set up, also completely free and works extremely well.

You will also need Photoshop CS 3 onwards, as your editing software.

Step one.
If you would like to do an online workshop the first thing to do is download and install Skype.

Skype for Windows
Skype for Windows
Skype for Mac
Get Skype for Mac OS X

When you have installed it contact me on the form at the bottom of the page and I will give you my Skype user name and email address, type that info into your “add contact” within Skype, I will accept the invitation and we are then connected.

It is important that you also have a Microphone so we can communicate in real time, a web cam it NOT needed.

Step two
You will need to choose a maximum of three Raw files that you would like to edit, they can be sent to me via a link on the digital-monochrome site that I will give after booking the online workshop, you locate the files on your hard drive drop them into the software and they are sent automatically to me.

Final step, reference images
When I receive your files I will edit them and upload the finished reference images to a private password protected gallery on the digital-monochrome site.

I am firm believer in visual learning and consider it to be a powerful learning tool, the idea is you can see visually what we are trying to achieve as the workshop progresses instead of working “blind”.

Multiple screens
With all that in place the online workshop can start at a mutually convenient time to suit. Within the Skype window there is an option to share screen, when you select this I can see your screen on a separate monitor. Please note, this is screen sharing only I have no access to your computer data.

The online workshop
I will teach you how to edit pictures using contrast control (Contrast Grading) only, no dodging or burning involved, also the stacked layer selection method, advice on plugins to use etc. Because we can talk live making adjustments are easy, I will show you how to edit for on screen viewing and also print output, how to “paint and shade” with electronic brushes, how to add mood and how altering light creates impact. You get the same tutoring as you would on a conventional workshop.

What you get from the online workshop

1/ No nonsense practical advice and tuition.
2/ For Windows and Mac users a free e-mail copy of the acclaimed imaging factory convert to Black and White Pro Photoshop plugin. NOTE it will not work on Intel Macs or 64bit systems Mac or PC
3/ Because we are now connected by Skype you get free support and advice on images that might need expert advice, just call me through Skype and we can work through the problem as and when needed.
4/Your reference images will be left on a private gallery on the Digital-monochrome web site for 3 months so you can view and compare your progress.
5/ If you forget any of the workshop methods, Contrast Grading or Stacked layer selection method, don't worry, at the end of the workshop I will send you a short video of the main points covered, this will act as a reminder when you practice the workflows.

The cost for the full online workshop is £128.00

The online workshop will last for strictly 5 hours maximum

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