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Silver Efex Tone Mapping

Product Description and Video Sample

Tone Mapping With Silver Efex Pro Video Series

In this Silver Efex pro Tone Mapping Video Series, I will demonstrate how to map specific tones within an image to certain zones within the zone system by using the tools found within the Silver Efex pro interface.

I also talk and demonstrate how and why it is important to expose to the right when working in a digital environment along with other topics along the way.

Discussed in the final chapter are some of the Free downloads which include, the Silver Efex Triple Play Photoshop Action and also the Black and White Visualisation Photoshop Action.

After you make the purchase, the entire video series is streamed from our servers and can be watched online 24/7.

The Silver Efex Pro Tone Mapping video series includes:

Ch1 The Zone System – 6:41
Ch2 ETTR Why and How – 9:06
Ch3 Dynamic Range and Spot metering – 10:53
Ch4 Pre Visualisation and Mapped Zones – 9:25
Ch5 Silver Efex Interface and Shortcuts – 25:35
Ch6 Silver Efex and The Opera House Image – 19:29
Ch7 Silver Efex and Smart Objects – 9:36
Ch8 Conclusion – 2:24
Ch9 Bonus Video – 15:39
Ch10 Downloads – 9:06

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