Learning the Art of Black and White

This part of my Web Site gives beginners and maybe some advanced Photographers an insight into how I edit and Convert my Digital Files and Scanned Negatives to create stunning Black and White Pictures. Many tutorials on editing pictures on the Web are often over complicated and unnecessary for Black and White editing from Colour Digital files and Scanned Black and White negatives, you will find the videos in this section enlightening and easy to follow, please enjoy.

Please give the Videos a few seconds to load

Contrast Grading Theory A complete and in depth video on Contrast Grading 2nd edition can be bought on Disc from my Shop.

Dodge and Burn

Adding Mood

Creating Texture

Point Light Source

Selective Sharpening

Adding Texture

Setting Target Colours in Photoshop

A complete Workflow for Black and White Editing

Creating the Depth of Field illusion