The Digital-monochrome learning forum

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The Digital Monochrome Learning Forum

Photo © Steve Bachs, forum member

The Digital Monochrome Forum was founded on 18th January 2006. Since its launch its membership has grown at a steady pace, being a dedicated mono forum it is a specialized site and quite unique on the web, within it are many areas that will help those that want to try the art of mono from beginners to those that want to learn more, the members are a friendly bunch and will help and advise on any question posted, from time to time we have special noted guests who specialize in monochrome and technical areas of Photoshop.

Below is a small selection of black and white pictures that people have posted on the forum, some of the members have learnt so much that it really shows in the quality of the conversion and mood within the images and shows how much the forum does work in giving advice and information, this is then carried forward to the actual image making process, and can be seen clearly from the examples here.

All images are © of there respective owners

We all learn from one another and to share knowledge is a great thing to do, so join us, it’s free and soon you will be bitten by the monobug of which there is no cure, just pure addiction.