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Film Photography Courses

27th May 2017

Film Photography Courses

Are You Interested In Black And White Film Photography

I offer film photography classes to those who are just starting out in black and white film photography and feel that they would benefit from attending a film photography course

My film photography classes are extremely easy going, and are ideally suited to anyone who wishes to become more familiar with black and white film photography and is interested in formats ranging from 35mm up to and including 5x4 large format.

Each film photography course is tailored to suit your own requirements

During the one-day film photography course, depending on your preferred format, we shall cover.

  • How to properly load film into the camera

  • How to load film into film dark slides for large format using a changing tent

  • How to calculate correct exposure using a handheld light meter

  • How to use various camera movements on a 5x4 camera

  • How to develop black and white film

  • How to scan black and white negatives using both a Nikon 9000ED and Epson V800 Scanner

  • A brief overview on producing a final black and white print using an Epson R3800 printer

Latest Film Photography Course May 2017

My most recent film photography class was a great success. James travelled from North Wales and arrived promptly at 9 am. We covered so much in the day and he left armed full of information and much the wiser as we unravelled the mystery of film processing and development.

During the morning James and I went out for a practical demonstration, an old mill just down the road from me. All the morning talk and demonstrations were put into practice by James, these were the results using my 4x5 Chamonix and 90mm lens.

Armed with a 150 and 90mm lens, we used Kodak Trix 320iso rated at 200iso and a Sekonic 1-degree spot meter. The 150mm shot was metered using the spot meter and the wide angle photo we metered using Incident light reading (BTZS). James loaded the film onto its holders and developed the film.

After taking the shot, James developed the film with instructions from me (he had never developed 4x5 film before)

James then scanned the film and edited it using my Contrast Grading method.

I would say a very good effort from someone who had never used a 4x5 field camera or developed sheet film.

The feedback I receive is very encouraging and I will continue to mentor anyone who still wants to try the film capture and development process for the foreseeable future

please allow time when booking a Photography Workshop film to print as the summer months are a busy time and waiting list can average around 6 weeks from your booking been taken.

The black and white film photography workshops are a great success, with bookings taken on a weekly basis which indicates just how many people are still interested in black and white film capture and development.

"Just spent a wonderful day with Martin on his film to print workshop. A lovely Xmas gift from my wife. Martin is patient and knowledgeable putting you at ease with his kind manner. I had a fantastic day and learnt so much of the whole process from taking the shot to making the picture with all the stages covered in between. I came home with a wonderful print and it is certainly well worth every penny.

Thank you

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