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Testimonials and comments

Comments about my work from people who have purchased prints and viewed images from martinhensonphotography, thanks to all

Featured as website of the week by Amateur Photographer magazine 19th November 05 issue

A 3 page feature in Black and White Photography Magazine issue 83 March 2008

A 7 page feature published MAY 2012 issue 18 Advanced Photographer Magazine

Hi Martin,
I recieved the prints this morning, and am delighted with them, very well done. You have an excellent speedy professional service, and thank you very much for a very enjoyable experience.
Thanks again Martin.
All the best
Michael. [O Donnell] Glenties.

Hello Martin
The print has arrived, I have now had the chance to look at your print for a month - also in different light. It is a beautiful print and the thick slightly structured quality of the paper works very well. The details from the negative are amazing and the tonal separation especially in the falls is perfect. The dark stones along the falls have just enough detail. I love the subtle toning which gives it an overall softness that reminds me of platinum/palladium prints.


Hi Martin,

Our photographs have arrived and we are delighted with them thank you. We have, as you recommend, taken them in to our local framers together with your email giving us advice on framing. They are gong to do as you suggest so in three weeks' time we should have them hanging which will be fantastic.

Thank you so much and I will send you a picture of the finished result.

All good wishes,

Sally and Henry Pritchard

Hello Martin,

I Received the DVD this morning.
I learned a lot.
Now work

Your photos are fantastic, it is a remarkable work
Finesse, a lot of emotions and spirituality.
You have a lot of talent
Congratulations !!! Well done !!

Jean Dobrota


just wanted to say how much I like your images.

I too use film and then scan, but after 25 odd years in the photographic industry as a professional camera technician, I am getting my mojo back for taking pics.

Keep on taking great images.

Jools Abel

Hi Martin,
Having just stumbled across your website I wanted to drop you a few lines to congratulate you on a fantastic portfolio. I'm a keen black & white landscape photographer myself, so feel this qualifies me to recognise excellence when I see it!

Anyway, I've very much enjoyed browsing and look forward to seeing more.

Best wishes,

Andy Brown.

Thanks Martin for the wonderful prints. They came quickly and perfectly preserved in the tube. The trip across the Atlantic did not disturb them. They are just as beautiful as your online photos. The blacks are as black as coal and have the texture of velvet.
Paul Burns

Hi Martin,
The print has arrived! It's... WOW! I am speechless.
Thank you so much.
I need to get it framed soon!
Cheers, John

I had Martin come to my house to talk photography and to see his work as a finished framed product.
His images are stunning to see and admire on the website but to see them in real life is an experience.
I myself am very proud to even have a couple of the test pieces to own and I've ordered a print to hang on my wall.
If people want see these pics for real get one ordered.....soon.

Received the prints this AM....Absolutely gorgeous! I know I will have to order another soon, good things come in 3's, or in your case 1's and 2's as well! Thanks again, and see ya in the forum...

Lovely, lovely work, Martin.  Your printing reminds me of Fay's (whom I knew) but your images are less austere.

Liz Barnard

Hi Martin, thanks for your note. I really dig your images as well! Thanks for having me on your forum...I'll stop by now and again.

Jeff Alu

Yes, Martin, I received it and it's beautiful. Thanks again!


Dear Martin,
Having been a part of Pixiport for sometime, I just wanted to welcome you aboard and say that your images have added
additional quality to the site. I enjoyed looking at all of your work and was especially drawn to the images of the Thistle, with the sun behind it, the Hay Bale rolls, and the fence.
Again, great work,
Bob Snell

Thanks for the beautiful print I received today.
Having been a fan of your online images I was amazed at the outstanding quality and clarity of the print.
The paper quality was also excellent and the print was absolutely flawless.
An absolute bargain at the price…I would expect to pay much more for the quality.
Steve Perks

Hi Martin,
Received my print yesterday - just fine.
The blacks from the R2400 are just beautiful - excellent work.

Hi Martin,

Steve told me about your web site and I've had a browse and think it's really great. Your photos are amazing, you are clearly a man of many talents!

Kind regards


Hi Martin
Print arrived today

+ve: the wife likes it ! So it will be framed and go on the wall...no
+discussion or compromise required!!!
The image certainly has more contrast in the print form but then screens and print are different however colour managed.
I have to remember to step back to 1.5x the diagonal to see the true effect...other wise it is too tempting to get in close and squint at the detail...at a sensible distance(!) its very very good and I am amazed at what the modern inkjet can do... As for the piccy itself...you do have the touch in showing a 'mood'...lovely image Thank you

Many thanks for the beautiful print received today Martin.
I look forward to seeing it framed on my study wall.
Mike Bareham

Beautiful photos. Now and again I have moments where I stand stock still and
see things like this in real life and I'm glad there's someone dedicated to
taking pictures of them for everybody.
Thanks very much.

Hi Martin,
I just wanted to say thanks for the print of Bolton Abbey. The quality of the print is fantastic, I'm sure I'll be asking you for printing tips before long as the detail that can be seen in the trees is just superb.

Many thanks again,

Hello Martin, Photographs arrived safely, Great pics, thanks for the extra one of stoodley pike, you've caught it perfect with the sun peeping its head round.
I keep checking your monochrome site for new pics and updates, keep up the good work. See you soon

Hi Martin, just wanted to let you know that the print arrived this morning and I'm thrilled with it. Already have the frame and intend to mount it later today. Certainly given me the standard to aim for. Thanks so much. Regards Max

First off, you are bar none the Best landscape photographer i have ever seen, ever since i found your site i show everyone that i know. Your photos never fail to take there breath away. I bought my first camera about 3 years ago, a small digital point and shoot was $30, a few weeks later i got a better point and shoot, i grew out of it in a few months, i got the canon 300D, boy what a great camera, but after a year i found it lacked somethings i wanted, so i got a 20D and i am in love. now about 22,000 photos later i am getting better and i am totally in love with photography. i cant seem to get enough time behind my camera's or enough money to spend on them either. Well not to bore you with my photography life, i wanted to tell you that your photos are simply the best i have ever seen and i hope i am as good as you one day.

Great work,

Michael S. Flowers

Thank you for your very kind and gracious words. They carry more meaning to me coming from someone who is a fine photographer in their own right. I looked at your work and there are some exceptional images on your site. I also see that we both have an appreciation for light beams.
I don't think you need much in the way of inspiration, your work already looks inspired to me.

Brian Kosoff

Archived guest book entries

Signed by Sharon on 3/04/06
I just joined Photo Camel and immediately started looking at the Black and white gallery. That led me here!1LOVE this site and your photos! I will return. ;-)

Signed by RUTH on 6/3/06

Hi Martin,
So many really lovely and atmospheric pics - thanks for telling me about the site. I'll be a regular visitor now.

Signed by mariadrew on 23/2/06

Signed by Stephen Kent on 10/2/06
I've heard people say 'you just can't produce top quality B/W prints digitally'. They really should see your images - SUPERB!
I shall begin monochrome trials immediately.

Signed by Mike18 on 6/2/06
Hello Good People! My name is Mike 18. And i'm just 18 years old, It's very nice to find your pics gallery on the web. Such the interesting place.. thanks!

Signed by Derek on 5/2/06
Great work.

Signed by Denis Boisclair on 4/1/06
I found your website via the Canon Digital Forum where I asked 'Why Black and White? Having looked at your superb photos I now know why -these must be the definitive illustration of the merits of B&W!!

Signed by Michele on 3/1/06
Some very beautiful photos. I like your website. Its very nice.

Signed by Catherine Ames on 29/12/05
website http://www.catherineames.com

Signed by Iain Bremner on 16/12/05 Your work is an inspiration.
Thanks for sharing.

Signed by Frenchy on 3/12/05
Nice Stuff.

Signed by Elwood Spedden on 30/11/05
Love your photos. I particularly relate to the white cottage at Airedale. You have a wonderful feel for light and all your photos show it.

Signed by Keiron More on 27/11/05
Your work is fantastic as is your web site

Signed by Steve Perks on 26/11/05
Martin, six months ago I was churning out flat, grey, uninspiring bw conversions.
Following your process here and in various forums I am now starting to develop my own style and am totally hooked on monochrome.
Thanks for taking the time to share your skills and experience with everyone!

Signed by William Falls on 18/11/05
Really impressed! Would love to know how you print your pictures. I'm still using film & a darkroom but the quality of your work on screen looks amazing.

Signed by Susan M on 18/11/05
Wow, I am in awe of your work. Nature can speak through you in the most unique way. May God keep blessing you with your talent.

Signed by Nick Cockman on 17/11/05
Martin, your images are amazing, i love the way youve got so much drama in the shots, especially in the skies! tryly fantastic pictures and website!

Signed by Steve Carr on 12/11/05
man.... i just came across your pics on the kodak talk site... and followed up on your smumug site.
your pics are awesome...
and i thought i was doing good...
i was humbled by your pictures...
now .. that is what i want to do

Signed by Adam Rosner on 8/11/05
Came across this web site through your posting on the Trek Earth forums, where I am a member. You have an amazing collection of images. Your strength clearly is in taking everyday situations and rednering them photographically. Your use of B&W emphasizes composition by removing the distration of colour.

I've added your site to my favourites.

Signed by ArminB on 5/11/05
Love 'em all. How do you achieve these BWs? Stunning! Regards, Armin

Signed by Gordon Hodgkinson on 5/11/05
Martin, your gallery is truly inspirational, and you are very generous to share your Black & White conversion technique.
I used to put the camera away on cloudy days - and now I relish them!

Signed by max on 30/10/05
Great phos /great art
keep up the good job cause i reallly enjoy your work

Signed by Gede A. Setiawan on 30/10/05
really nice picture you have...!!
keep the spirit...!


Signed by Bill Rentenbach on 29/10/05
Clouds, are indeed, our friends and you capture them beautifully.

Signed by Hamish Roots on 25/10/05
Brilliant collection of b&w's you have here. I really enjoyed going through your gallery and found how you converted yur images very informative. I still use a film SLR but your obvious success has given me confidence that perhaps its time to move out of the darkroom and start working digitally, especially if the quality os pretty much xxx near the same. Well done, I'll certainly be checking back, and often!

Signed by leaveit on 9/10/05
You have truly set a benchmark for all other b/w photographers! Stunning...

Signed by Graeme Ewart on 9/10/05
Martin, trully beutiful phoyographs. I live in North Yorkshire in the village of Hemingbrough so it's excellent to see local work as a result of looking at dpreview where I found the link to your pbase site. Once again a real pleasure viewing your fantastic work. And thanks for letting us all into your techniques!! Graeme

Signed by Albert Taylor on 8/10/05
Very nice site, it's stirred up my B/W brain cells. You're a generous person to share your techniques.

Signed by Galina Stepanova on 5/10/05
website http://www.pbase.com/galina_stepanova
It is a pleasure to look at such quality B&W collection of art works.
Best regards,

Signed by Ruth Sheehy on 5/10/05
Martin, these are fantastic photos, well done.

Signed by Mark R. on 27/9/05
Very nice indeed, keep up the good work.

Signed by Kevin on 20/9/05
I discovered your site through your posting on dpreview.com. Extremely well done and beautiful work! I'm very impressed with the dynamic range of your images. I also checked out your site on Smugmug briefly and you have a very distinctive style!
Best regards,

Signed by Clifford on 18/9/05
Excellent shots of areas where i have taken poor shots! You have a great eye Martin. Very well done


Signed by mortgan on 8/9/05
Ajways enjoy your shots, Martin. These are great!

Signed by Chetan Sondagar on 4/9/05

Your black & white images are incredibly wonderful and the impact these images create are beyond words.

Your work is an inpiration to me. Thank you.


Signed by George F Wooden on 1/9/05
You have a very interesting eye for composition, and your monochrom brings a very different feel to your photos. very well done, and the web site is very user friendly also, good work.

Signed by Danielle on 22/8/05
Thank you for sharing such beautiful work.

Signed by Pedro Fehlauer on 19/8/05
Your work is just amazing. Wonderful BW images! You are an inspiration.

Signed by Mimi Jo on 17/8/05

> Signed by Simon on 17/8/05
Ajways enjoy your shots, Martin. These are wonderful!

Signed by James on 17/8/05
You have some great photos on this site. Moreover, you share your photographic and post-processing techniques on the Canon Digital forums. Thanks much for your generosity and effort!

Signed by Stewart Ayrey on 3/8/05
Great pictures, great conversion technique. Inspiring work contrasting the beauty of the Dales and the industrial heritage of Yorkshire.

Signed by Stephen M Henson on 2/8/05
Well what can i say.These photos are not quite(but very nearly)as good as the ones i take with my disposables!!!Joke!!;0).Great site and brilliant photos.If Carlsberg were to see these photos they would say "these are probably the best photos in the world" Keep it up Dad.

Signed by Paul Oberlin on 31/7/05
I got here by way of a link posted on the FM forums by Petra Hall. Wow! Stunning work, thanks for sharing your photos and techniques.

Signed by Earl Williams on 29/7/05
Some of the best monos I have seen in the last 20 Years , Well Done!

Signed by aam1234 on 25/7/05

Signed by David Buckle on 15/7/05
Really very inspiring BW photos. Keep up the good work.

Signed by Damon on 14/7/05
Lovely work. I really like the use of light, your black & white conversions and overall site presentation. Will be back regularly for updates.

Signed by andy ilachinski on 13/7/05
website http://www.tao-of-photography.com
Sensational images! Fay Godwin's spirit lives on. You have a wonderful eye for landscape compositions. A pleasure to have spent some time admiring your work.

Signed by Preston on 13/7/05
I realy like the way you use light in some of your photos. the dark arias are also very nice, with alot of detail. very nicely done.

Signed by Karl Mann on 7/7/05

Your monochrome photographes are some of the best i've seen. I live at Greengates and seeing the local area look as good as these are awsome, you have given me ideas...??!!

Signed by Chris on 7/7/05
Great Pics Martin.

Tuesday 07/18/2006 10:58:09am
Name: Amin
Wonderfull site . i will tell my friend's about this site. it is nice web site. Good Luck!
best wishes from......

Monday 07/10/2006 11:19:34am
Name: Chris Bayles
City/Country: Barnoldswick, Yorkshire
Comments: Great photographs. Just stumbled on the site, and have spent the last 2 hours viewing the galleries. I use Creative Suite as part of my job, and this site has inspired me to haver a go at creating my own. Good work.

Thursday 07/06/2006 6:41:56pm
Name: Silvia Ganora
City/Country: Italy
Comments: I enjoyed your site so much. Great galleries and tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing :)

Wednesday 06/28/2006 10:06:46pm
Name: Karl
City/Country: Bradford
Comments: This is the most successful mono site on the net i've come across to date and there are so many great tutorials for bigginers and pro's.

Thursday 11/02/2006 10:24:05pm
Name: Alex
City/Country: Lanark
Comments: Inspirational Martin, love the photography and the way their converted.

Monday 02/19/2007 5:54:28pm
Name: Diego Conde
City/Country: US Virgin Islands
Comments: FANTASTICO!!!!!

Saturday 02/10/2007 12:54:39am
Name: Andreas Belz
City/Country: Eupen / Belgium
Comments: Martin, your images gives a lot of ideas to me for my hobby. Thank you.

Wednesday 01/03/2007 9:48:10am
Name: Adrian
City/Country: Abu Dhabi
Comments: Beautiful high contrast images. A delightful afternoon in their company.

Monday 11/13/2006 10:28:44am
Name: Andrew Bernstein
City/Country: Houston, Texas USA
Comments: You are an inspiration. I love you work and your site. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it.


Tuesday 11/07/2006 8:54:59pm
Name: Jeannie
Comments: What a truly inspirational site!

Thursday 03/15/2007 10:59:25pm
Name: Tobers
City/Country: Guildford, UK
Comments: Beautiful pictures. Stunning B&W conversions. You've inspired me.

Wednesday 02/28/2007 0:23:09am
Name: Sarah Schneider
City/Country: Chicago, IL
Comments: I'm very excited to learn how you are able to get such beautiful tonality out of digital monochrome.

Tuesday 02/20/2007 0:26:59am
Name: Diego Conde
City/Country: US Virgin Islands
Comments: Looking foward to learn from you.

From: Debabrata nandi
Sent: 24 Jul 2007
Your stunning works of monochrome with the digital origine, just make me spellbound.The effect is just more than the Golden era of Film Photography.I have now no hesitation to say 'Good Bye Analog'.Considering U as my teacher I'm starting the Monochrome journy.plz teach me, teach the world, with ur own unique way.

From: Valerie
Sent: 30 Oct 2007
Subject: Thank you
Martin, Your images are amazing. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your technique. Kind regards, Val

20 Jan 2008
By David: Your work is superb!. Very inspirational. Black and white photographs certainly create a mood when properly executed and your are.

08 March 2008
Thanks once again for the print of Gayle Beck Lodge and Ingleborough. I am really pleased with it. Barrie

From: Melody
Sent: 19 Mar 2008
Subject: pics
I enjoyed your photos, I have see a lot of the places when i was there in Rotherham, I am now back home in TEXAS, again thank you for the beautiful pics. Melody

From: Rick Landry
Sent: 23 Apr 2008
Subject: Your Incredible Monotones
As an aging but aspiring photographer here in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, U.S., let me just say I am in awe of your hi-contrast b/w 'monotones'. Absolutely fantastic work, Martin. I should like to emulate this technique with my own modest b/w photography, but cannot quite 'follow' the tutorial-like guidelines you have generously provided on your site. I guess that I am so linear I do best with a kind of 'step by step' format. The biggest issue I seem to encounter is with the layer masking. I just can't get the layer masks to work like you describe them doing. Any idea off the top where I might be screwing up? Again, I am in great admiration of your work. As someone who taught Photoshop at the technical college level for three years, I am well-positioned to recognize and respect your digital darkroom prowess. May you enjoy many more years of unbridled photography!

From: Danny
Sent: 23 Sep 2008
Subject: WOW
I have only seen a couple websites in referance to monochroning digital shots, but none as complete as this site. I really want to thank you for sharing this information. Keep shooting! best regards, Danny Milburn

From: Tim Munsey
Sent: 08 Oct 2008
Subject: Talk
Hi Martin, Just a note to say I really enjoyed your talk at Leeds Photo Society, interesting work flow you have. Fantastic port folio, never seen so many great shots in one night. Cheers now Tim Munsey

Martin, I cannot tell you how nice it is to hear, nor how much I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. A benifit I did not expect from the video is an improved ability to see the scene in black and white, and what I want it to look like(or close to it). The ability to literaly layer the depth of the picture, and other tricks found only in the video really take the photographs to a new level.

Thanks again Martin for helping me see the "Light"



I run a weekly art market stall in Bristol selling my black and white film photography and Martin has done all my printing for the last six months. I am constantly pleased by the prints he produces for me, with each image given an extra dimension by the tonal depth and sharpness in his printing.
My customers certainly like the prints and often comment that they can tell its film work due to the depth and quality of the images. To print from a digital file, produced from a scanned negative, and still get that quality is an art and one which Martin achieves above any other proffesional printer I have used.

Tracey http://www.randomhamsterphotography.co.uk/

I just recieved a print I had Martin do for me. I must say that it is top quality. Picture is 12" x 18" centered on A2. Martin was great to work with, performed editing on the file to make it look its best. I sent him a jpeg, and the raw file. Service was fast, faster than I could get it from a local print store here in California, and much better quality. I just wanted to thank Martin for a wonerful print, very prompt service, and to encourage anybody on the fence about having some printing done by Martin to jump in.

Thanks again Martin, the print is great. I will have more shortly. By the way, I love the paper.


Martin, I received the print on Tuesday. Mail didn’t run Monday as it was Columbus Day. Looks great. I really like the copper tone, and the blacks look really good. I will be ordering mats for both prints today, and should have them framed next week.

Thanks again Martin for some great prints.

Hi Martin

Just to say Thank you for the pictures they are fantastic arrived safe and sound.



Dear Martin,

The ordered prints just arrived !!!

My expectations were already very high and still you managed to exceed them !
The quality of printing is just outstanding and you've managed to translate my vision completely onto the beautiful paper !!
The final print is just astounding , whish you all could see it !

Cheers, Leon

Hi Martin

Just received my print.


From the feel of the quality paper to the outstanding workmanship that has gone into the finished print, the quality is far superior to any work i have had commercially printed before..

I am a firm believer of having prints in my hand and not just on my hard drive or as negs and contact prints. Quality prints like this make me want to get out and take more photographs.

I have been struggling with the dilemma of how to output my work. Problem now solved.

Thank You.


Just recieved another pic that Martin printed for me. It is the Barn and Cross image. It is printed on Museo Max paper, and I must say that I am in love with this paper. Wonderful texture, and the range of tones in the print is outstanding. Just as Martin said it would be. I have had Martin print three different images for me now, and I am thouroghly impressed each time. I wish I could get service like this for everything else I buy. I would not hesitate to recomend Martins printing, not for one second. Thanks Martin.



Today, I received a print I ordered from Martin, made on Crane Museo Max fine art paper paper in 16" x 10.5" size.

Even if I say so myself, it is absolutely stunning :D

As others have mentioned, the service from Martin was exceptional. I simply sent him a TIFF file over the Internet, he then assessed the image and made the necessary adjustments to get it ready for print, effectively a hand made print! From initial request to delivered print the whole process took just 36 hours.

To say I am a happy customer is a huge understatement !

Thanks Martin ! Now what shall I have printed next ?

Dear Martin, I received your print today. The quality of the printed image on the heavy rag paper is gorgeous. This piece is a gift for the Pastor of my church who is retiring. I first saw The Audience at MuralsYourWay.com. Looking forward to using your work on future projects. Many thanks, Karen Ross

Whenever you read positive testimonials you are always encouraged but still wonder, 'Will mine be okay?' Well, the first four prints of my own work that I asked you to print have just arrived. They are gorgeous. Just magnificent.

I hope I had something to do with that in terms of the creation of the image. But to have them printed to this quality, with your professional approach to choosing the right paper for the right print and your advice in terms of preparation ... it's just sheer joy.

And from the point of first contact to say, "Hello, will you print my images?", to them arriving was 3 days.

Now I know what dealing with a true professional means. Problem is that I can, now, never go below this standard. So, I'll be back for lots more.


Donald MacKenzie

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of the prints. Even more fabulous in the flesh! I think my name must of spell checked to ‘twiggy ‘ the other day so nice to feel like a super model for a minute! J

Thanks again
Best wishes


Over the last week I have had two prints done by martin, one, the winter theme winner from this forum, and second a shot of a friends car.
Both prints look amazing, I was a bit concerned about the car shot as there is a lot of solid black on it, but it came out perfect. I took the shot on the Sunday, sent the file to Martin on Monday, and the print was delivered this morning (Friday)...great service.

Thank you, Martin

Well.. I have just received my 2nd lot of prints from Martins bespok printing service, I have to say I am extremely pleased with them, the quality is excellent, from the paper used to the quality of the prints themselves, Delivery is very quick, all packed up very well so no harm can come to the prints inside, anyone thinking of using this service I would defiantly say give it a go, you won't be disappointed!

Right I'm off to the framing shop so I can get these hung on my wall